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The I v P conflict has once again shown the need for nation States to sign the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. Why? See the Malaysian Bar’s press release here.

Strange that the Malaysian Government does not seem to support the Court when we go around speaking up for and assisting victims of the conflict. There shouldn’t be much of a problem for our leaders here since we are touted as a model “peace-loving” country.

Much advocacy by the Human Rights Committee of the Bar has been done, and the Bar leads the Malaysian Chapter (MyCICC) of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court (CICC), a network of civil society organisations in 150 countries. (For a good write-up on the issues, see here.)

The CICC has just launched its site at the same time the Court begins its first trial against Thomas Lubanga Dyilo who stands accused of recruiting, enlisting and actively conscripting child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Follow the site, and start to understand how the Court works while hoping the atrocities about to be uncovered will never happen again. Second, do what you can in your own way to pressure our Government to be a party to the Rome Statute.

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