Royale Luck

Royalties tend to have more patience than most of us because they live off our hard earned money, don’t have to work if they don’t want to, use their positions for business, marry and divorce as often as they like (all on our money of course), can sell titles, can give titles in exchange for favours, overseas trips etc.

Ask not what your King can do for you, ask how much you can give to his family (on top of the other political royalties feeding off us).

They lead charmed lives far removed from the rakyat. We should be grateful also that they are now trying to claw back their immunity so that they can better safeguard our interests (okay, let’s overlook the fact that they try to kill/beat up each other, kill caddies who annoy them etc.).

In short, noble people do noble things and we are blessed that our taxes go towards maintaining their luxurious, wasteful lifestyle.

I am so immensely grateful that we have such patient, honest, pious (don’t forget that the Sultan is the Head of Islam in their respective states, sometimes doubling up as a patron of night clubbing establishments), true and caring special beings that are far superior in biology, intellect and culture to all of us. Thank God for such outstanding models of humanity.

Gandhi, Mother Theresa and Jesus pale in comparison to the achievements of our royalty.

We are so lucky. So damn lucky.

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