Dear Judge Dato’ Abdul Aziz Rahim,

Like most, I have been following the whole debacle in the state of Perak and when I first learned that you’ll be hearing the case, I quickly asked around whether you were a “goodie” or a “baddie”. Those were my specific words. No one could tell me anything, so I made the conclusion that you were probably the latter.

There were days that i tried to be optimistic, but it was and still is hard to believe that there’s still a just, impartial and competent judge left in this country.

In fact, when the case went on for a whole week, I made a remark that it’s probably just for “show”. I assumed the worst.

But you proved me wrong and I thank you for that. Finally there is a glimmer of hope. Despite the pressure, you did not bend.

You are perhaps the only credible judge remaining in the eyes of the people.

I won’t go so far to call you my hero (not yet) but I pray that you will one day be the Chief Justice.

I also pray that all of us (especially the other judges) find the courage to be fearless and to stand by what’s right as you did with this case.

Lastly, I love the fact that your detailed judgment has set the precedent for the 3 judges at the Court of Appeal. I wonder how they’re going to cook up this one :)

Thank you again and God bless.

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