Life and Death 4

Actually a lot of young people in the age range of 24-27 experience “numbness” and “tiredness” with and in life and work. This may probably be due to what they have experienced and are experiencing. Just that they do not talk about it but live out their daily lives as usual. I think even our Prime Ministers or politicians sometimes on a silent night feel the same.

Mountains after mountains, obstacles and obstacles, the cycle repeats itself till your last breath when you can’t bring your victories to the grave.

Karma destines that we are born to a certain family like it or not, destined to meet certain people who will change our lives whether you wish for it or not, taking on certain jobs, and having to live life in a certain way… that’s how we are supposed to discover the meaning of life.

Everyday people pass us by in the LRT, monorail, and even in court. Only if there existed a magnetic field between two of you will you be tied together as friends or at least have the opportunity to talk to each other. A joke, and a smile, and the electrons will magnetise each. Otherwise, we will pass with a mere glance. People we like may we meet not every day, but those we don’t like, we may have to face them everyday of our lives. A waste but yet there is nothing to stop that – karma.

Occasionally problems come and shake our small world, then we start to think that the world is not that small as we thought it might have been. Solve the problem, learnt the lesson and moving on… the cycle repeats itself as if the problem never arose yet there are still many hurdles in front of you which you cannot predict. Hence the lament.

Probably one way of dealing with the issue is to contribute to society, and be reflective. Unselfishness will give us not only passion but compassion in life and help us understand the “true” meaning of life. While we may be tired of life, life is never tired of us – the sun always shines reminding you to stretch a big smile, the air always reminds you to breathe, the soil always reminds you to touch and feel. And if you are sufficiently persistent, you might be able to see the rainbow you hoped for, which is there to remind you to open your eyes to appreciate this colourful world.

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