Beware: Sex Mad Devils in Malaysia

There was a curious report in the Star yesterday. Two women sought a divorce from their husband. They complained that they demanded too much sex of them. This was what was reported:

Syarie Lawyers Association deputy president Musa Awang said in the first case, the couple had been married for a year.

The riddle to the husband’s unnatural sex drive was answered when a relative of the wife saw the husband in the house when the family had seen him leave for work earlier.

“The relative heard the husband’s voice in the bedroom and upon checking, found an “individual” in the room looking exactly like the husband,” he said.

Musa said that the wife had since filed a complaint with the religious department and applied for fasakh.

(“Fasakh” means ending a marriage by the Syariah Court after hearing the wife’s complaint.)

Terribly interesting. He seems to say this all matter of factly. The report goes on to say thus:

In the other case, Perubatan Islam Mustajab specialist Nazri Md Isa said an 18-year-old woman had filed for fasakh after her husband asked her for sex more than 10 times a day.

Nazri said according to the wife, the husband had the ritual of going to the bathroom before having sex with her.

“It all started when he had sex with her 17 times on their wedding night. The wife did not suspect anything then as she thought he was merely performing his duty as a husband.

“But when the situation persisted, she discussed the matter with her mother-in-law, who told her that it was a normal behaviour. She told her own mother, who brought her to the religious department to file a report because the latter thought it was sexual abuse,” he said.

Investigation found that the husband’s demeanour was strange.

The wife and her family had a shock when they found “two individuals” that look alike in the bathroom.

Now let us pause a moment there to consider what has been thus reported. (1) Wow. (2) Wow. (3) The mother-in-law. Like Wow. (4) And the father-in-law. Wow. (5) It appeared only the complainant’s mother had a normal sex life and probably thought the frequency a tad on the high side who finally took some action for the no doubt exhausted daughter. (6) Of course his demeanour was strange! Was he drooling? Was one eye twitching and winking too quickly? And what do you expect from a guy who is. Wow. (7) I don’t know why they do that inverted comma thing because it’s really annoying. What does that mean?! What happened after they recovered from their shock? Did they catch the imposter? Were they secret twins? Did they like compare uh… okay, never mind. I mean what happened? Nothing is said. The report goes on gravely:

Religious leader Datuk Abu Hasan Din Al-Hafiz claimed that it was not impossible for a man to have sex many times in one night if he was “friendly with the devil”.

“It is not impossible for the devil to have carnal intercourse with the man’s wife.

“This happens because the devil can appear to look like the husband,” he said.

He said that while it was normal for a man to want sex two or three times a day, anything more than the usual would most probably not be the husband but the devil.

Ha? Then when I thought further. I thought. Ha?! Fascinating isn’t it?

Firstly, how is one friendly with the devil? I mean, do they go clubbing and stuff. Or do they sit around have drinks, shoot some pool, have long deep conversations about life and sin. Did they meet in a chat room online? I don’t know. But I’m certainly saddened to know that one can be friendly with the devil in Malaysia. Can the government please do something about these devils? Secondly, I know it’s not impossible, but how possible is it for the devil to have carnal intercourse with a man’s wife in Malaysia? That’s what the public needs to know. Can we have some statistics and probabilities on this please? Thirdly, so the devil can appear to look like the husband for the purpose of exhausting his wife in labours of love. Does the devil cover for him at work and from his social engagements too? How about school work? Fourth, oh dear. So if a guy demands sex more than two to three times a day from his wife, he’s the devil? Hokay.

I think Datuk Abu Hasan Din Al-Hafiz, whom is no doubt thoroughly learned in matters pertaining to Islam, should consider more psychological and material explanations first. There are conditions of hypersexuality known as Nymphomania (female) and Satyriasis (male). Their condition is one of an unusually vociferous sex drive. I was actually going to use the word sexual addiction until the entry on Wikipedia indicated that it is still not a recognized diagnosis in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), a widely recognized compendium of acknowledged mental disorders and their diagnostic criteria published and updated by the The American Psychiatric Association. Nevertheless, I do not doubt that some have unusually better appetites in sex just as there are those with unusually large appetites with food. Or being unusually preoccupied with other stuff like sports, news, etc. Let us seek answers there before we turn to the realm of the unseen and unknown.

Our “religious leaders” (Datuk Abu Hasan Din Al-Hafiz was the former Imam of the National Mosque and advisor to the Agong during Almarhum Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz’s reign) should be mindful of the impressions it gives of us Malaysians to the rest of the world when they make such pronouncements and more importantly be more circumspect in their analysis of a situation. Think of how devastating comments like that are to our efforts to promote tourism to our country and the Malaysia “My Second Home Program”.

How are we to explain to foreigners who are considering our country for their retirement that we aside from the crime rate they will also have to contend with sex mad devils in Malaysia?

What our Islamic religious departments doing about these sex mad devils?

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