I stand by what I said

Farez Jinnah explains why he felt compelled to use the word “fuck” so many times in his earlier post, “Politicians screwing Malaysia”.

hi all.

i love this country as much as all of you do. when i wrote “Politicians screwing Malaysia”, i was really fed up and broken up with all the bullying and lack of compassion and magnanimity shown by the majority and/or the people in power.

i see what i see, and i hear what i hear, and i understand what i understand.

i just wrote what i felt and it was brutally honest. i did not set out to mask my words in finer language or well thought out sentences. i realised that what i wrote was ugly but it was the truth. the truth has a nasty habit of making one feel uneasy because it brooks no nonsense. it is a hard task master.

maybe some of you feel that the message could have been refined. but at what cost? it is what it is and I’m telling it like it is. the thing about germany in the day’s of hitler’s shenanigans was the notion of the “good german” – where there any? we know now there were. but at the point in time and/or immediately after the 2nd world war, the idea of a good german was thought to be illusory, i.e. if they were good why did they allow the atrocities to happen?

evil festers when good men do nothing.

as a parallel, as a malaysian and a muslim, i had implored and if i have to I’d go down on my knees and beg each and every malaysian muslim, to write about the protection of minorities, be it of ethnicity or creed and its importance to the diversity and dynamism of this country we all call malaysia.

i feel powerless most of the time but i feel the strongest when i tap on my keyboard and with each keystroke, i feel like i reclaim my humanity and separate myself and my being from those who would do harm to others. i know i am different and i intend to show people that i am not bound by the constant drumming and programming of communal politics that have dulled this country’s economic and social competitiveness.

i want to excel and i do not see why malaysian muslims have to cower in fear of these acts of belligerence and intolerance just because they live in a society primarily fueled by prejudices and presumptions.

i am a muslim, and religiously that makes me PART OF THE MAJORITY. knowing what my faith expects of me emboldens me to understand that we have to protect the rights of minorities. what is faith if it merely exists in a vacuum, devoid of diversity and differences. it is diversity and difference that celebrate God’s divinity – but who are we to dictate what is and what shall not come to pass, unless we have no qualms in usurping His divinity.

I am also a malaysian, born of a chinese mother and an indian father, and that makes me PART OF THE MINORITY, but would it amaze you to know that i also apparently have the benefit of “bumiputera” status? it is an albatross around my neck and i curse the day such a privilege was granted not on needs but on racial motivation. there may have been a time in our nation’s dark past that such an equaliser was needed for this young nation.

but this nation is now 52 years old and with the benefit of experience and contemplation of greater nations in our midst, we appear to choose not to rise above our own petty presumptions and narrow mindedness.

we are all rich and poor. we are all dark skinned and fair skinned. we are all different and the same. we are all brave and we are all weak. we are all of these things and we are malaysians. whether we are of one ethnicity or another we are all bound by similar and core values that we seek from our faith and our brethren whoever they may be.

maybe the intolerance and bigotry happening with such frequency these days, show our tendency to be weak willed and cowardly. I know of no such person who is strong of heart and will, who would commit such acts of vile hatred and cowardice. it is through the literature of ages that such acts have been strongly condemned as being the acts of the weak.

so why does this BN government allow for such acts by the the majority to go unpunished or unchecked? is the BN government weak willed or cowardly? i stand embarrassed that such apathy exists.

can it be so difficult to do the right thing?

Jalan Berangan

… until next time … kill the lights and pray you don’t see daylight … or you could just fight to get it back again.

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