Selepas Tsunami – voter education documentary seized

A documentary produced for KOMAS about the changes post 2008 general elections, primarily meant to for voter and democracy education was seized by Sibu police on the pretext that it was seditious. Watch it here and decide for yourself.

Selepas Tsunami documentary

Selepas Tsunami is a documentary produced by Big Pictures for KOMAS about the changes post March 8, 2008 elections. It is primarily meant to be used as voter and democracy education in Malaysia.

Just two days ago, 243 copies were seized by Sibu police on pretext that it was seditious.

The next day, the police reverted saying that they have checked it out and its NOT seditious but have since failed to return the VCDs.

One cannot help but to wonder if the authorities are attempting to stop the distribution of these VCDs that contain important information that may influence votes in the Sibu by-election.

Haris Ibrahim is the documentary’s presenter, while lawyers Ambiga Sreenevasan and Latheefa Koya are among the people interviewed.

Watch it and decide for yourself: Seditious or not seditious? Should the people of Sibu watch this before they voted?

Please pass this link around, or upload it to your webpage or blog – share it with every Malaysian.

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