Super LoyarBurok strips to the rescue!

Super LoyarBurok

May 22, 2010

It was one of those rare days when I met up with Edmund Bon for lunch to discuss the ills besetting our country and the state of football in the English Premier League. Our discussion about the latter was fruitful. We decided that England had to get rid of all its football pundits to improve the quality of English players.

Towards the tail end of our lunch, Edmund immediately began to tweet about serious stuff when suddenly I received a summons and power jolt from Lord Bobo about an incident of injustice occurring not far from where we were (I mean we were near Jalan Duta). Edmund was too busy because the message got caught in the web of his tweets on MyConsti, Bar Council, and Human Rights.

Thankfully I had my LoyarBurok Tee (Greatest T-Shirt in the Universe) on me which imbued me with common sense (okay not alot but hey, every little bit helps), courage, eloquence, and a powerful command of the law and facts so long as I wore it. So I immediately changed to Super LoyarBurok and remedied the injustice since it did not cause prejudice to the other party using the inherent powers of Lord Bobo.

However, an unsuspecting bystander alas had a camera nearby and managed to snap a shot of me about to change. I don’t know how she got it so clear since the whole costume change takes less than 5 seconds (1 second more if I’m wearing button fly that day).

I will try to track her down to destroy her camera and erase her memory of the incident when I find her. I will not rest until this is done.

Wonder what’s on Astro tonight…

LB: Want to unleash your inner Super LoyarBurok too? You know you want to. Get this “piece de resistance” by contacting Lord Bobo directly.

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