MCCBCHST Disappointed with Court of Appeal’s Decision In Everest Moorthy Case

The Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism’s (MCCBCHST) expresses deep disappointment at yesterday’s Court of Appeal decision to turn down the late Everest Moorthy’s family’s appeal and instead asked them to go to the syariah court to set aside its order.

The MCCBCHST is deeply disappointed at today’s decision by the Court of Appeal in the sad case of our national hero, Moorthy Maniam popularly known as Everest Moorthy.

The wholly unjust decision of the High Court in December 2007 that denied Moorthy’s widow access to the justice system to prove her claim that her husband professed himself a Hindu and practised Hinduism at the time of his death sparked outcry, and a month long candle light vigil.

Numerous cases since then have come and gone causing pain and anguish to many non Muslim families throughout Malaysia.

Bodies have been snatched from grieving families by the Islamic authorities, and children torn apart from their mother or father by another parent through unconstitutional Syariah court orders.

The comment by the Court of Appeal that non Muslims can go to the Syariah court provides no satisfaction, and contradicts the guarantee of freedom of religion to non Muslims enshrined in Articles 3 and 11 of the Federal Constitution. The founders of our nation never intended Islam to enjoy supremacy over all other religions.

Forcing non Muslims to go to a court applying the theological law of Islam is wholly unjust.

It appears that the Courts, the civil service and both sides of the political divide have grossly failed the non Muslim community on this issue.

No amendments to laws have been made by either Parliament or any State legislature since these problems have come to prominence.

The MCCBCHST asks all parties to please apply their conscience and stop evading the anguish this is causing innocent families, tearing apart our delicate social fabric and leading to greater disunity amongst Malaysians.

We have put forward our very reasonable proposals for law reform, which we are confident is fair to both Muslims and non Muslims.

Please amend all necessary laws now so that these injustices do not continue.

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