Human Rights my Ass!

Why do “principled people” partake in the senseless ritual of coercing their friend into drinking beyond his or her limits and require that he/she embarrass him/herself to “celebrate the occasion”?

Drinking alcohol is ultimately an art in itself.

It is to be able to handle your drink; to consume to be merry and yet to at all times preserve your self respect and dignity – that must never be lost and you must never encourage anyone to lose it either. Ever.

That is unfortunately not what I last night (27-8-10/28-8-10).

Let me tell you folks what I saw and let this be a very stern statement to those who took part in this embarrassing ritual of vacuity and inane idiocy; a firm declaration that no matter what great stature you think you possess, you have affixed yourself in my eyes to be of no more value than the brown stain that I bear witness to each time I graze a piece of toilet tissue through that orifice I call “my asshole.”

middle finger Greg Chapell

On the 28th of August 2010, a number of us decided that we should go out and have a drink at a local watering hole. We decided so as one of us, a girl of 24, a young practicing lawyer, was celebrating her 25th birthday. This girl is a courageous girl; bold, daring and most importantly high minded.

So we got there and we started having some drinks before the others showed up as well. The scene was mirthful with very many jokes and conversations taking place. It was as I saw it… good. I was very glad.

Most importantly, the girl seemed to be having fun and she was thankful to see that people whom she has just met in her legal career had taken the trouble to commemorate her existence. She seemed happy indeed.

Soon one member of the group decided to get her a Flaming Lamborghini. A rather heavy drink for someone who is rather young but with great intrepidity she drank it and remained utterly in tune with herself during the next hour or so.

More people came along and then came another Flaming Lamborghini; to which I was genuinely concerned. She once again stood up to the challenge, amidst much reluctance at the outset, drank it boldly. At this point I warned her: “You better not drink anything for the next half an hour.”

And then, it began. An irrational display of age old primitive Neanderthalism; male instincts thought to be extinct since 10,000 years ago reared its ugly disgusting face. It began with the scoffs by a few male members of the group: “Eh, what la you still sober?”, “You still can drink, don’t lie” and “Come on la, have another one.”

The scoffs eventually moved on to challenges: “Eh come on la, sing for us, we want to hear you sing”, “Just sing la for all of us and we will all sing together as back up singers” and “Just sing for us, we know you can sing.”

That eventually moved into taunts: “It’s either you sing, or we’ll get you more drinks”, “Come drink, drink, down it now, or else you sing” and “When you are in the profession you have to embarrass yourself at some point.”

Of course it didn’t just end there. Even the female members chipped in eventually, subjecting this girl who currently is in alcoholic stupor to more ridicule: “Don’t waste our time, you better just start singing” and “What are you waiting for, just sing la. Why so lame?”

My reluctance to participate in this charade of senselessness was actually met with disapproval; one of them gave me a look of utter disgust, as if I was some outcast; because I refuse to take part in this disheartening display of insecurity, stupidity and dimwittedness – because I simply thought that such behavior was below me.

What’s even more demoralising is that as if by the mere fact that these sorry pieces of redundant protoplasm have bought a few drinks for this girl, they think that they now somehow own this girl’s existence for the night: that like a circus animal she is to bark when they required, to roll over when they demanded and to kneel before them as they commanded. That in an instant second, they had control over this girl’s life: to humiliate her, to ridicule her and to make a fool out of her.

But of course it didn’t just end there. Oh no, it didn’t. They got the whole pub riled up; they got all the other patrons of the pub cheering to the tune of: “It’s either you sing now or you get up on the table and dance.” One patron, who doesn’t even know this girl, had the nerve to say – “Yeah, I’m waiting for her to dance on the table.” The group actually laughed when the guy said it. The sinister smile on their faces was just downright nauseating and for that brief moment I regretted ever getting to know these people.

I had to look deep within me to find some of the good these people have done to be able to maintain my composure, to almost falsify my own present views that these idiots are not worthy of any respect or gratitude; that they were in all respects no different from the politicians I despise and the Royal Malaysian Police Force which I hate with a passion.

The sheer audacity of these cunts is sickening and their so called “principled stand” on life is but a farce – these people should be ashamed of themselves and the kind of “peer pressure” they have subjected this girl too is just repulsive. These people are not role models, I will never call them that from now on; these people are inspirations for what a person should never become.

Not only that, these people have taken the “fun” out of drinking. The merriment, the insights I have realised and the memorable moments I have had while drinking were in a brief second flushed into oblivion. They have turned drinking into a mace; a mace to degrade, to demean and to shame; these people have sucked the life out of a truly fruitful human activity and turned it into a pile of feces – which as I see it is in reality merely a reflection of their own state of being.

My contempt is particularly vitriolic towards this one male scumbag of the group who couldn’t help but insist that this woman do a series of shots with him; challenging her over and over again in supreme patheticness with his phony deep voice that sounds as if a donkey had filled his throat with a gallon of semen. It is people like this whose grandparents should’ve been gassed by Hitler during the Third Reich and be removed from the face of the Earth for being a life unjustifiable i.e. a complete and utter waste of space.

Leave the girl alone goddamnit! Let her be as she wants to be. Clearly she doesn’t want to and has expressed insistence towards not partaking in your miserable adventures, so just let her be. Why the need for coercion, to be forceful, to insist repeatedly that she partake in your mindless endeavors that reek of utter folly and irreverence towards your own pitiable existence.

Of course the saddest part of all of this is the fact that I work with some of these cretins on the human rights and constitutional law cases that come my way. To them I have sowed my respect for, to them I have looked for guidance, to them I have gained much knowledge but sadly in one fell swoop, they have alienated themselves from their values; they have uprooted themselves from my mind’s consideration and discarded their diseased selves into the gutter.

The “Dignity of the Individual” which they so valiantly champion is nothing more than air from an elephant’s ass; a stunning reminder that they are but no different from the demons we all want ousted from the political institutions of this country – yet another member of the unthinking herd majority.

Individuality and the Dignity of the individual are sacred. If you can violate that then no matter what habeas corpus/ISA cases you do or what media freedom cases you undertake or what religious freedom idea you believe in, it would all amount to zilch – for you’d still remain to be the same gunk that you are: that brown stain that I bear witness to each time I graze a piece of toilet tissue through that orifice I call “my asshole.”

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