Twilight of the Gods

God/Yahweh/Allah does not want you to read this.

When people choose to subscribe to a belief in God, they have failed to appreciate what being a Human is.

Believing in God is the first step towards dehumanization; it calls for the destruction of our autonomy and the relinquishment of our passions, desires and dreams; that we are to feel guilty, ashamed or fearful about who we are. It is really the greatest crime Man has perpetuated on himself; the greatest act of self deceit and like all forms of deceit, it festers into guilt and eventually renders human life worthless.

The human being is the sum of all that is divine. It is the human being that is god. There is nothing that Man is not capable of achieving given the right amount of time. Man is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent in his own respective way, within increasing boundaries. If there is anything that Man needs to worship, it is his own talents and potentials.

The brain, the most advanced organic material in the universe, is responsible for the finest works of art and the most marvelous of scientific theories and observations. There is therefore much to be proud about; who we are, how far we’ve come and where we can go.

In terms of our make up, the human being is a receptor for experiences; experiences which shape our dispositions, values and perspectives. In that respect, no two human beings are the same for we are all subject to an infinite variety of experiences. To believe in anything else but yourself is really the stagnation of your ability to be what you can be.

The need to affix God as an external entity requiring our veneration and adoration is both backward and mediocre to say the least. The formulation of a “Creator” is both unnecessary and primitive for it only leads to more fictitious questions about our existence on this planet; engendering the human mind in denial as a result of cognitive dissonance.

This phenomenon is easily observable with those who believe in God. When asked why they believe in God, the oft cited reply is: “Because God created everything“. Very inevitably this answer sparks up a myriad of further questions: “Who created God?“, “Why did God create all of this?“, “How did God create all of this?“, “Where is God now?“, “What is God’s role in all of this?“, “What is Man’s role in all of this?“, “Why are you here?“, etc.

The answers given to these questions by those who believe in God remain in the realm of conjecture and wishful thinking; never grounded on any valid or coherent reasoning. For the most part, I find the “answers“, if one could call them that, pathetic and embarrassing.

It is fortunately a fine indicator why God remains to be nothing more than a fallacy; concocted very sadly by that very imaginative brain of ours to suppress our fears of the unknown; our fear of suffering and of death.

As I see it, Mankind has poisoned itself with so much of deceit that the only cure is a transvaluation of values; an assessment of what we want to become, of the things we fear and how we overcome that fear by embracing its inevitability in life rather than considering it a taboo subject, to be laced with euphemisms and superstition.

Yahweh, God, Allah – it doesn’t matter what you call it; it is ultimately an obsolete idea warranting speedy disposal. The human mind needs to be rejuvenated with pride, courage and independence; purely human values critical to the development of a just, free and progressive class of Men and Women.

LB: In his last post, the author claimed to have been up till 5.00a.m. but promised to work on his bio blurb for his next post. We remain hopeful.

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