[VIDEO] How Did Lord Bobo’s Minions & This Song Get Onto RadioDemokratika?

FFF on The Fairly Current Show (1) 251110Fahmi: “… macam, macam Pearl Jan …”

In what is the last episode (#124) of the year, PopTeeVee’s The Fairly Current Show brings on (to its peril) two LoyarBurokkers – Farez Jinnah, the curator of MyConsti‘s soon-to-be-released, excellent RadioDemokratika, and Fahri Azzat, Lord Bobo’s Minion, to speak (and sing to) you! Who let that song in? …


We have more Fs this week to rival That Effing Show! For the final episode of The Fairly Current Show this year, we get Fahmi Fadzil to chat with Farez Jinnah and Fahri Azzat, representing Radio Demokratika.

Farez and Fahri talk about the upcoming CD called Radio Demokratika, and the messages that the artists in it hope to deliver. To end our series this year with a bang, we get Fahri to give us a preview of what to expect in Radio Demokratika.

Radio Demokratika is an album themed on democracy and election rights, currently in progress, by the guys from MyConstitution/PerlembagaanKu. It will contain twelve songs by Malaysian independent artists including Carburetor Dung, Panda Head Curry?, Azmyl Yunor and The Maharajah Commission.

FFF on The Fairly Current Show (2) 251110

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