Livin’ La Vida Loyar!

LLVL mediumIntroducing a new weekly column by a brand-new LoyarBurokker!

Hello, and welcome to Livin’ La Vida Loyar (“LLVL”). LLVL is a new weekly column, exclusive to the folks at LoyarBurok, contributed by me, Alter Ego, a corporate lawyer in Kuala Lumpur.

LLVL will be a semi-fictional, sorta-kinda-fact-based, non-chronological, account of my experiences as a loyar for the past “several” years (hey, a girl doesn’t easily reveal her age okay?), both in and out of the office. True to the realities of being a loyar, this will include all aspects of the blood, sweat, tears, and humour of loyar-dom.

If you’re a lawyer, you may be able to relate my stories to some of your own experiences.

If you’re a non-lawyer, please note that the stories aren’t an accurate portrayal of a lawyer’s life. Reality is much more extreme. MUCH more extreme.

Names and details will of course be changed to protect the innocent, and the potentially-violent guilty. As all fiction is to some extent autobiographical, you may think I’m writing about you. I’m not. Jangan perasan. You may also think you know me. You don’t. Jangan kay-poh.

Look out for the coming instalments of LLVL, and enjoy reading about la vida loyar.

Alter Ego wants to write about all aspects of loyar-dom. She is writing this column anonymously because she doesn’t want people around her to know that, when she’s furiously typing on her BlackBerry in their presence, she is actually taking notes for this column! Plus of course there’s all this mumbo-jumbo about client confidentiality and getting disbarred. If you have an interesting story to share from your experiences as a lawyer, or your encounters with a lawyer, please email her at [email protected] Confidentiality is guaranteed. She thinks tweeting should be left to the birds.

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