LoyarBorak #6: The FIRST EVER LoyarBurok Podcast Discusses RadioDemokratika

LoyarBorak-1LoyarBorak features discussions of selected issues in either written, video, or audio formats.

This is the first ever LoyarBorak podcast! Recorded late last year, the pod talks about RadioDemokratika, the upcoming album by the MyConstitution campaign, which is scheduled to be launched in March 2011.

The podcast is hosted by podcaster-extraordinaire John Lim, and the guests on this episode are Fahri Azzat (who features on the album as part of Lord Bobo’s Minions), and Edmund Bon (who begged to be part of the historic first-ever LoyarBurok podcast).

This episode was recorded in front of a live and highly-enthusiastic studio audience, who may or may not have been to a pub shortly before the recording.

Highlights include:

  • We have an original jingle… sexy!
  • Screaming Indian man.
  • 12 tracks by 12 acts on religion, rights, elections and democracy.
  • Fahri sings! (“Freakin’ ambush!”) — live audience requests dangdut version!
  • Who else is on the album?
  • Completely outdated references to launch and concert dates!
  • Is the album free?
  • Is Lord Bobo’s Minions song being kicked off the album?

All done in typical irreverant, casual LoyarBorak style.

Just hit play damnit! It will the best 8 minutes of your week, guaranteed.

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