LoyarBocor: MB Pahang + Hakim Kuantan = Pegawai Mahkamah & Rakyat Sengsara

Satu kisah penyalahgunaan kuasa di Mahkamah untuk “menjaga nama baik Yang Arif Dato'”. Arahan Pendaftar Mahkamah Sesyen Kuantan boleh dimuat turun di sini.

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Mahkamah Tingg[] / Sesyen / Majistret / Pusat Tanggungjawab


Dengan hormatnya merujuk kepada perkara di atas.

2. Oleh de[]ikian, saya diamanahkan oleh Puan Pengarah untuk membuat collection bagi hadiah y[]g bakal diberikan sempena majlis perkahwinan dan bersetuju agar collection dik[]nakan setiap pegawai sebanyak RM10.00 seorang. Memandangkan undangan ini dibuat ole[] Y.B. Menteri Besar Pahang sendiri atas pelawaan YA Dato’ Mariana secara person[]ly. Oleh demikian, kehadiran tuan/puan ke Majlis itu diwajibkan bagi menjaga nama b[]ik Yang Arif Dato’ dimana semua pegawai dikehendaki berkumpul di Mahkamah sebel[]m bertolak ke Majlis tersebu[]. Segala kerjasama yang tuan/puan berikan adalah amat dihargai.

Sekian, terima kasih.


Saya yang menu[]ut perintah,




Mahkamah Sesy[] Kuantan


Tel: 09-513509 [] ext 251

H/P: 016-8836[]7

Faks: 09-5132[]0

e-mail: [email protected][]hakiman.gov.my

website: www.k[]hakiman.gov.my/pahang

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13 Responses to LoyarBocor: MB Pahang + Hakim Kuantan = Pegawai Mahkamah & Rakyat Sengsara

  1. LoyarBocor

    Dear 19-year-old,

    Some of the letters (marked "[]") in the original circular at https://www.loyarburok.com/wp-content/uploads/2011… are not legible. Hence the use of "[]" to denote the said illegible letters.

  2. Malaysiakini reports the reply by the Pahang court director here: http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/158877

    Several court officers in Pahang and lawyers are apparently up in arms over a directive to come up with RM10 each to purchase a gift for the marriage of Menteri Besar Adnan Yaakob's daughter.

    The circular or email issued to all officers in the Pahang High Court, Sessions Court and magistrate's court, and signed by a registrar, said since a personal invitation was made by Adnan to a Kuantan High Court judge (Justice Mariana Yusof), it should be fulfilled.

    Following this, the circular demanded the attendance of all the court officers in order to uphold the judge's good name and reputation.

    “The court staff are asked to gather at the court before heading together to the wedding reception,” the circular states.

    A copy of the circular was published on the lawyer's blog loyarburok.com yesterday which alleged the case is an abuse of power by the court in order to uphold the good reputation of the judge.

    Normally, the judiciary would not be seen to issue such directives to their officers, and would normally be seen as independent from the executive.

    Adnan is still facing a pending court case over a suit by a logging company against him.

    On April 20, 2009, the Kuantan High Court ordered Adnan to pay Seruan Gemilang RM67 million within 14 days.

    However, Seruan Gemilang found the tables turned against it in the Court of Appeal, which allowed Adnan's appeal on grounds that the state financial officer should have been named in the mandamus order.

    The Federal Court last year did not grant the company leave to appeal in the matter, resulting in it being in limbo.

    When queried, the Chief Judge of Malaya's assistant officer Wan Zaidi Wan Ibrahim said Justice Arifin Zakaria declined to comment and said it was proper for the Pahang court director to comment on it.

    Personal invitation sent by MB

    In an official response, Pahang court director Noradidah Ahmad said what was reported on the blog was unjust and failed to give the actual picture.

    “It is for internal circulation between judges, Sessions Court judges and magistrates and the registrar who received the invitation from the menteri besar this weekend. I have encouraged those who receive the invitation to attend it as on the same day, we have also arranged a meeting between me and the officers.”

    “There is no notion of 'abuse of power' as alleged in the blog as it is untrue. Furthermore, the statement by the registrar to uphold the 'good name of the judge' was written by the registrar and was not according to my directive as she did not refer it to me. It is through her own words and understanding. The judge has no knowledge of such an email and it was not sent and neither was a copy forwarded to the judge,” she said.

    Noradidah said the registrar had admitted to her that she misinterpreted what she had been told and what was written was her own interpretation.

    “The judge did not at any time make it compulsory for officers to attend the wedding and the invitation on March 20 has no relation to that extended to the judge,” she said.

    “As to the contribution of RM10 for officers to attend the wedding, it is something agreed as it is customary to buy a present for newly-weds. There is no form of force used for them to come up with it.”

    She expressed regret over what was depicted on the loyarburok blog as it had tarnished the reputation of the menteri besar, Justice Mariana and the judiciary arm as well.

  3. toksera

    setuju dgn Lay person. Pekeliling ini is not acceptable (intended sarcasm). and to most of the responder, why la sooo stewpitt….why laaa. jgn la mnpk bodo sgt. typical emotional basher, not the 'cerdik' basher.

  4. Malaysian First

    why bother? not your money anyway….

  5. Lay person

    Pekeliling without letterhead…bahasa melayu bercampur bahasa inggeris? Anyone can create this…please give more relevant and acceptable evidence..

  6. princess lylipot

    Hahahahaha..well..as always..bkn ker semua org sgt 'syg' kat mereka…hahhahah

  7. clovis hoo

    This is a " lu tolong wa, wa tolong u " culture mahhhhh !!!

  8. hopeless_malaysia

    good job by revealing the darkness side of these people to the public. SUPPORT!

  9. 19-year-old

    May I ask why did y[]u ommit s[]me of th[] letters?

  10. Aku Punya

    MB Phg: Itu Makhamah aku punya! LOL!

  11. Nor Izzati Zack

    Ruzaini Zul: Correct me if I'm wrong, pretty clear in here that, the arahan given by the Pendaftar commanding all the staffs to contribute sum of money to be contributed for the said function. Well, personally speaking, Court should have not misused the power or go beyond to its limitation.

  12. Pardon my naivety, but can anyone please enlighten me on the significance/repercussion of this Arahan?

  13. Brian Fong

    how can we trust the court whn the people there can be "mandated" to attend a function plus to give collection to the Head of State?