Okay, I’m In Love With My Sister. So What?

If we’re okay with homosexuality, does that mean we’re also cool with incest?

RainbowTriangleDisclaimer: For the purpose of this article, all acts discussed are done by mutual consent.

My surname is fairly common. In fact Wikipedia ranks my family name as the most used Chinese surname in the world. To further exaggerate my point, the Han Chinese ethnicity is also the largest single ethnic group in the world.

This means the probability of me landing a missus of the same surname is higher than rain falling on a cloudy day. If that were to happen, I can assure you my grandparents will weep shamelessly in their graves.

The prohibition of such a unity stems from one point of interest.


Before we can even begin to dissect the very idea of incest, let us first take a look at homosexuality.

This comparison is essential because I consider both ‘situations’ somewhat similar in notion. Okay, before the LBGT community decides to chainsaw my head off, bear in mind that I’m not here to ruffle any feathers so let’s carry on with an open mind, shall we?

Let’s talk about the similarities between the two.

1) Society considers them taboo.
2) Society deems them abnormal.
3) Religion forbids them.
4) Laws of men, have at one point or another, stated them to be illegal.

Society has in recent times been kinder to homosexuals. There are now gay marriages, gay cities, gay bars, gay social sites, gay flags and even gay parents.  Those who happen to fall in love with their brothers or sisters aren’t so lucky.

To drive home my point, let’s take a look at Germany.  They are one of the most progressive nations on the issues of LBGT, recognizing homosexuals from as early as 1968 and yet, incest is still a crime in Germany.

I know plenty of LBGT activists, but I’ve never heard of an incest activist. While browsing through Wikipedia, I got acquainted with Patrick Stuebing and his struggle for the right to love.

Patrick fell in love with his biological sister, whom he was separated from at birth. For this incestual relationship, he was imprisoned for 2 years.

The Guardian, realizing the need for public awareness on this, interviewed incest couples around the globe for an article. According to one participant:

“You can’t help who you fall in love with, it just happens. I fell in love with my sister and I’m not ashamed … I only feel sorry for my mom and dad, I wish they could be happy for us. We love each other. It’s nothing like some old man who tries to fuck his three-year-old, that’s evil and disgusting … Of course we’re consenting, that’s the most important thing. We’re not fucking perverts. What we have is the most beautiful thing in the world.”

Now if you were to ask me that 10 billion dollar question – “What would I do if my son and daughter had a relationship?”

The answer is: “Crap, I don’t know”

If you were to ask me what if my kid’s gay, and I’d tell you in a heart beat that it’s all good.

I don’t understand it myself. I mean: ask anyone who opposes homosexuality and they would tell you it’s because it’s not natural. That God did not intend for this to happen.

What about incest then?

The union of a man and a woman, even if they come from the same lineage definitely makes more sense than 2 men bonking each other. Yet, the idea of incest invokes horror beyond even those of homophobics.

Why is that so?

Religion forbids it and yet it is said that Eve was made from the rib bone of Adam. How is that really any different from a brother and sister sharing the same blood/womb?

The Bible (and other religious texts) propagate that Adam and Eve were the first two persons in the world. Their children would have to cross-breed with each other before humanity could reach the 7 billion mark it is today. Yet in the book of Leviticus, incest is declared an abomination.

Outright hypocrisy isn’t it?

Say you’re not religious, and you’re a subscriber of Darwinism. Wouldn’t evolution and natural selection be an automatic catalyst for incestual behavior?

What about the descendants of the royal families of Graeco-Roman Egyptians? The royals were only permitted to marry within the family and after hundreds of years, the blood of such marriages would have been in the veins of millions of modern Egyptians.

Purists would argue that incest is illegal because a child born out of such a union will most likely lead to congenital birth defects. I looked it up and that is true.

So what? That’s easy to remedy.

Enact a law. Make it a pre-requisite that all incest couples undergo sterilization before marriage.

And so that’s how it is.

I admit that I’m still not completely open to the idea of incest. But I’m trying to get there.

Love is love. If you’re not hurting anyone, then who am I or anyone else to tell you how you should lead your life?

So to all LBGT activists, maybe it’s a good time to add another alphabet to the acronym.

Let’s call it LBGTI.

Then you can consider yourselves a true champion of human rights.

For whatever it’s worth, Vern does not have a sister and has never found his mother particularly attractive in that way. He’d have no hesitations to date a fellow Lee however.

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