16 Sept Fundraiser: Come UndiMsia! Chew Kin Wah & Thean See Xien

As promised, we hereby announce two more candidates for the Come UndiMsia! fundraising event. They are Chew Kin Wah and Thean See Xien!




A veteran funny-man of the Malaysian Arts scene, Kin Wah has been entertaining us since the 1980s. Performing in numerous stage productions and starring in three of the most popular local TV shows in the past decade; Kopitiam, Homecoming and Astana Idaman, Kin Wah is also active in the local film industry, appearing in movies such as ‘Susuk’, ‘Dukun’, ‘1957: Hati Malaya’, ‘Setem’ and ‘Daybreak’. In 2009, Kin Wah appeared in the movie Gadoh, an initiative with KOMAS, surrounding a group of teenagers who fought each other along racial lines. A keen observer of current affairs, he’s got some pretty interesting thoughts to share @kaywchew. It’s time we got a leader who can really hold an audience!

See Xien or better known as Seez is a familiar face amongst the LoyarBurok community. This incredibly talented young man with an IQ of 176 was the main kid on the block throughout the many phases of the MyConstitution/ Perlembagaanku campaign, an initiative under the Malaysian Bar’s Constitutional Law Committee. Seez  is the lead singer of BarCode, a band within the MyConsti committee which performed a song titled “My Constitution is Mine” for the album Radio Demokratika. He has also assisted in the production of numerous “rakyat service announcements”. He can sing 68 (yes, that’s right kids, SIXTY EIGHT) National Anthems, and holds the unofficial record for Most National Anthems Learnt While Being Sexy At The Same Time. How can you not vote for this man??

Two more candidates will be announced tomorrow. In the meantime, get to know the rest of the candidates at the UndiMsia! Facebook page!

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