Rising cost of property prices in Hulu Langat

UndiMsia! volunteer, Pepper Lim, wonders whether things will change for the residents in Hulu Langat as it undergoes rapid urbanisation.

The sleepy residents of Hulu Langat

I have never been to Hulu Langat before I joined UndiMsia! I did not realise there was a beautiful township just outside Kuala Lumpur where trees still line the roads and people still take the time to picnic by the waterfalls in the cool of the evenings.

Hulu Langat might seem like the kind of township where property prices are sane unlike Kuala Lumpur. Last week, a real estate agent told me houses in SS2, Petaling Jaya, bought 30 years ago for RM50,000, is now selling for over 1 million ringgit! Maybe the sky rocketing prices have not affected Hulu Langat.

I was wrong – it has. A business owner I talked to told me how property prices have been steadily going up over the last few years as though they were trying to match the prices in Kuala Lumpur. A local man who was shopping at the wet market concurred with him. They told me rent prices have gone up together with property prices. At this rate, I wonder if the locals will suffer what KLites are suffering; unaffordable homes.

Hulu Langat is developing very quickly. Large hypermarkets such as Tesco and Carrefour are eyeing Hulu Langat as they expand their businesses. Soon, the local residents will no longer shop at the local wet markets and pasar tani but in large air-conditioned hypermarkets. I wonder if they will miss meeting their favourite vegetable seller to exchange gossips while buying vegetables. I wonder if they will miss their favourite meat seller who always jokingly asks about their daughters.

I wonder.

Pepper spent a day putting up the Hangatkan Langat! photo competition and exhibition event in Semenyih.

UndiMsia! is having a photo competition and exhibition in Hulu Langat on 31 March 2012. Come to vote for your favourite teams and learn about the housing issues there.

For more information about the event, please click here and here.

For more information on housing issues, please click here for UndiMsia!’s Infografik 3.


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