LexisNexis Annual Essay Challenge: The Winners

Earlier this year, LexisNexis Malaysia announced the topic of their Annual Essay Challenge and invited students to participate. The winners were recently announced and a prize ceremony was held on the 23rd November, 2012.

L-R: Suresh Kumar Kulasegaran, Saravanan Meyappan, Lee Kar Yen, Pang Jo Fan, Lim Wei Jiet (notice he is wearing a LoyarBurok polo tee; watch out for #LoyarButik - to be launched soon!), Tan Yew Tze, Mohamed Redza Bin Mohamed Zakaria | Source: LexisNexis Malaysia

Lord Bobo’s furry senses tingled with excitement upon seeing that the top two winners were LoyarBurokkers Lim Wei Jiet (1st prize) and Pang Jo Fan (2nd prize). ┬áBeing the most awesome blawg in the universe, their essays are linked here and here for all to read.

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