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With the help of the international Esperantists, Malaysia has been chosen to be featured in the month of information in Esperanto Wikipedia section in February 2013.

Screenshot by Sinjoro Eng @ LoyarBurok

Through the suggestion of MESG, the international Esperantists are investing time and effort to help Malaysia to set up proper information in the Esperanto Wikipedia section. Certainly, I urge Malaysians who know Esperanto to register yourselves in the Esperanto Wikipedia to put Malaysia on the world map. Here, I would like to thank Sinjoro Toño, the President of Spain Esperanto Association for the initiative taken.

It is without doubt that Lord Bobo will be the first to be featured in the Esperanto Wikipedia for LB’s efforts in supporting Esperanto thus far.

Screenshot by Sinjoro Eng @ LoyarBurok

Vietnam and Indonesia have gotten their International Esperanto Teacher Association branch status during the 97th International Esperanto Congress, which was held in Hanoi last year. Besides, the Asia University in Thailand is conducting a research focusing on Esperanto and the Esperanto Montessori have also been established in Jakarta and Bangkok.

While many are still clinging onto the departing imperialism language called English, Indonesia Education Department has decided to ‘omit teaching English in the primary schools’ beginning from the new school season this year. The decision of Indonesian Education Department certainly received much criticism from the bourgeois class within the country, and from a few as far as the USA who also joined in the ‘battle’ to secure their ‘interests’. However, I found only this letter from the Kiwiland to truly represent the neutrality of language learning. At the same time, Ghana is also biding farewell to the tyranny of Queen English.

China has introduced Esperanto in the primary schools stage-by-stage to reap the benefits of Propaedeutic effect of language learning and brain-cell training of the children. Many local non-Chinese parents contemplate to send their children into Chinese schools to take the advantage of learning the Chinese language in the hope of scoring better business deals, without knowing the Esperanto International Commerce group whose current President, WANG Tian-Yi, is from China.

Without the support from the local printed media, LB shines brightly as a Green Star in Malaysia in promoting Esperanto. Most Esperantists in the world know LB better than the local media as Esperantists who are from more than 130 countries in the world reading LB with Burundi has more than 30 schools and colleges teaching Esperanto throughout the country. While Malaysia is struggling of overcoming the shortage of TESL teachers and would consider to employ TESL teachers from India.

Despite the fact that many Malaysians do not understand Korean language, they are caught up by the Gangnam Style craze. Yet many do not know that the African Gangnam was the top hit in the Esperanto world in 2012. If you can support the Korean music industry without understanding the language, why do you find it difficult to support the neutral language, an international language which is recognised and recommended by UNESCO since 1954?

Do purchase Esperanto music from the iTunes website or contact the Universal Esperanto Association for more details on books and music CDs.

Now let’s go Esperanto Gangnam style with the Congo group!



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After watching the 8 minutes short film of the late Dr Claude Piron on the chanllenge of language, Sinjoro ENG has himself revolutionised. Watch it and see whether the short film will touch you too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YHALnLV9XU

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