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Posts by Adrian Chew, Edmund Bon Tai Soon, Marcus van Geyzel, Syahredzan Johan and Syazwina Saw

Adrian sits in a room somewhere in Sarawak watching a dying river flow. Yellowing books on his shelves and blank sheets of paper on his desk, he continues to write if only to search for his voice, despite stillborn sentences never filling up a page. Follow his journey to becoming a writer on The Reading Monk and @Reading_Monk Edmund continues various escape techniques in his attempts to be rid of Lord Bobo's control and the Bar Council's influence. He is on a crusade to abolish the institution of marriage and build love movements though he thinks love is an illusion. And so he tweets at @edmundbon Marcus is a corporate/commercial solicitor in Kuala Lumpur, who tweets at @vangeyzel. He believes that the only certainty in life is that everything can be explained by the transperambulation of pseudo-cosmic antimatter. Syahredzan is a young lawyer and a partner at a legal firm in Kuala Lumpur. He fancies himself to be a political critic and social commentator. In truth, he is just another Malaysian who is far too opinionated. He is passionately patriotic, although not in the conventional flag-waving way. He believes that Malaysia still has a lot of unfulfilled potential if only its people learned to unite rather than divide. @syahredzan is his handle on Twitter. Syazwina spends her days subediting legal commentary, her nights studying science philosophy, and the time in between tweeting @syazwinasaw. She rants for a better Malaysia, or so she hopes.

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