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Wong Fook Meng is a lawyer from Malacca and a member of the Bar Council's Constitutional Law Committee. He also serves as a leader in City Community Church. He speaks regularly in churches and attempts to integrate faith with the duties for nation building whenever possible in his messages. He believes true transformation begins from the inside out and hopes and prays that the nation's leaders are guided by an inner sense of truth, justice and integrity so that corruption and abuse of power can be restrained. Like most Malaysians, he rather talk politics than do something concrete to change things. But, he is also beginning to realise that unless ordinary rakyat like him begin to take proactive steps to push for positive change, things will remain the same. His wife, Tan Joo Li, is a principal of a child care center. He hopes future leaders of the nation will have a child-like innocence when it comes to corruption.
The Bar Council – Toothless Pussy or Roaring Lion?

The Bar Council – Toothless Pussy or Roaring Lion?

Edmund Bon’s interview with FMT has resurrected a fresh debate on the role and relevance of the Bar Council as a voice of conscience in civil society. The former Bar Council’s National Young Lawyers Committee Deputy Chairperson (2006/07) and Malaysian Bar’s YL Personality speaks up to call for drastic action by the Bar to answer its woes.

Judging the Judges: CJ means business or business as usual?

Chief Justice Tan Sri Zaki Azmi seems to be initiating bold reforms and is raising the bar for our judiciary. According to media reports, he had even asked two High Court Judges to leave for being grossly inefficient. He is sending a clear and unmistakable signal: he means business.

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