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Education rights

Matinya Kebebasan Akademik di Universiti Malaya

Pelucutan jawatan Profesor Redzuan Othman hanyalah satu daripada pelbagai masalah di UM

6 years ago

1893 – 2013: Happy Founder’s Day, Victoria Institution

An old Victorian's hopes for the future of VI. #BeYetWiser #VI120

7 years ago

Be An Angel: Advance the Esperanto Cause

Sinjoro calls upon Malaysians to learn Esperanto.

8 years ago

[Updated] The disturbed character behind ‘Listen, Listen, Listen’

Understanding covert-aggressive personalities in environments of indoctrination.

8 years ago

Kopi Kluang: A Re-Education Process – My Chevening Experience So Far

Brought down with a thud home away from home.

8 years ago

Why Malaysia Will Stay A Third World Country

Rickard Öberg thinks the Malaysian education system produces graduates with no useful skills.

8 years ago

What, Another Code of Conduct?!

A critique of the University of Malaya's newly released Code of Conduct on Political Activities.

8 years ago

Education in Sarawak: An Outsider Looking In (or Why I Quit My Job)

Valuable insights on our education system, from a British educator.

8 years ago

I Want My Freedom To Education

‘Tis the season of freaking out about university. There’s a suggestion. Why not try the land of Jay-Z and McDonalds’…

9 years ago

Subliminal Indoctrination In Retrospect

Teachers and their tales.

9 years ago

PPSMI: For the future, the present must be allowed to choose

A Chinese Independent school student's perspective on the PPSMI issue.

9 years ago

Amnesia, Paranoia, Inertia (API)

Cure needed for the ailments that beleaguer our history syllabus.

9 years ago

Who REALLY needs to be educated?

Revamps in Malaysia's education system are in whose best interests exactly? Because they don't work.

9 years ago

Above and Beyond PTPTN

Zain HD moves above the PTPTN debate, and considers points on education funding.

9 years ago

PPSMI: You Can’t Keep Good People Down

The abolishment of PPSMI seem to be a done deal, but PAGE’s resolve is undiminished.

9 years ago

Kopi Kluang: PTPTN – Making the Hard Decisions

Are Malaysian politicians able to make the difficult yet unpopular decision regarding PTPTN?

9 years ago