The Fahmi Zainol Case: Part Two

PusatRakyatLB resident intern Allyna gives an analytical update sans written judgment. 

2 years ago

The Fahmi Zainol Case: Part One

PusatRakyatLB interns Max Kong and Sarah Kapadia gives a lowdown on the High Court judgment of this judicial review.

2 years ago

Ketuanan Mahasiswa

Vince Tan considers student autonomy and the Malaysian campus.

7 years ago

SPAM for Malaysia!

A good kind of spam: Students for Power in Administration and Management.

8 years ago

Bersih 3.0: A Double-Edged Sword

An analysis of the issues behind Bersih 3.0.

9 years ago

Ask Lord Bobo: Lord Bobo’s Predictions for 2012

As the Lord declared, so it shall be.

9 years ago

LB’s 2011 Wishlist, Revisited

Cos you gotta rewind, to free your mind.

9 years ago

Flag-gate and Perjuangan Mahasiswa

King Chai & Syah look at the ramifications of the "flag incident" at PWTC.

9 years ago

Section 15 and Beyond

King Chai explores and shares his views on the upcoming Round Table Discussion on UUCA amendments.

9 years ago

Malaysia – Assembling the Peaceful Assembly Act

A comprehensive post by Amanda Whiting on the Peaceful Assembly Bill.

9 years ago

ALB: Missing Bobo, and the UKM4

Absence, victory, and judicial independence.

9 years ago

Merantai Dalam Kebebasan – Kes UKM4

Zharif Badrul menganalisa keputusan penghakiman kes UKM4 oleh Mahkamah Tinggi.

9 years ago

Ask Lord Bobo: Laziness, Naughty Students & Patriots

This week, Lord Bobo tells you the difference between MPs and ADUNs, and pimps UndiMsia!

9 years ago

Wrapping Up the UKM4

Woon King Chai shares with us his thoughts on the final leg of this journey.

9 years ago

Act that stands in way of youth empowerment

Hopes were raised and promises were made to thousands of youth during Hari Belia Negara 2011. What's next? Thoughts from…

10 years ago

UKM4: Membawa Perjuangan Mahasiswa Ke Arus Perdana

Genap setahun bermulanya cabaran empat orang anak muda terhadap AUKU, ia tidak lagi sekadar dilaungkan oleh aktivis-aktivis. Ia kini menjadi…

10 years ago

UKM4: Tak Sangka

Sempena ulang tahun penahanan UKM4 dalam pilihan raya kecil Hulu Selangor, Azlin Shafina telah meluahkan isi hatinya dengan berkongsi pengalaman…

10 years ago

UKM4: Genap Setahun, Tanggal 22/4

Satu refleksi peribadi yang telah dikongsi oleh Sdr. Woon King Chai, salah seorang UKM4, yang akan bakal didakwa dan dihukum…

10 years ago

LoyarBurok: Agents Of Change

A reflection from the LoyarBurok retreat in Malacca, on 26 & 27 February 2011. This post was first published in…

10 years ago